Alone Together Script

A Tattoo Style Script typeface with variable size swashes

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Alone Together Script

"Alone Together Script" is a tattoo-like typeface with variable size swashes. It's been designed and inspired during quarantine times regarding the matter and dedicated to good cause for the global community. We'll always remember this, alone or together, or alone together, let's help each other through this!

Thanks everyone for their contribution and support so far! Below is the breakdown of donations and their destination:

COVID-19 Feed children in need UNICEF’s World Food Programme, Share The Meal App : EUR 36 via PayPal 

Nemzeti Összefogás Adományvonala: HUF 12000 (USD 37,5) via Wire Transfer

08.16 Network For Good HUF 5000 (USD 16,81)

08.29 Coronavirus relief in India USD 31,25

09.17 Prevent COVID-19: KIFA Promotes Hygenie in Uganda USD 32,20 via PayPal

12.18 Venezuela Crisis Appeal USD 21,12 via Wire Transfer

This Font is meant to be a contribution; 50% of the net sales from the revenue goes to COVID related relief funds and/or individuals who are in need.

During these hard times when we all have/had to stay home for a while – many of us alone – I figured that the best way to ride this out is to keep busy. And so I wanted to create something meaningful and helpful regarding this matter. I started working on this typeface as a side project besides many of my ongoing works, in the extra time accumulated by not going out for coffee, beers etc. I also wanted it to be unique enough to stand out, so all materials, the imagery for the posters and even the soundtrack is custom made. Thanks so much to these two good friends of mine, Kelly Lockett (Photos) and Zoltan Valter (Music).

“Alone Together” is a Tattoo Style Bold Script with size-variable swashes so you can adjust their length to fit nicely together in a written context depending on the words you’re typing with it.

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"Alone Together in N.Y." Photos by Kelly Lockett

Selfie in NY